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Beijing Dayu Holy Valve Co., Ltd was established in 1999.It is located in Yufa industrial district in Daxing,Beijing. Now the company covers an area of 30.000 square meters. It is civil forces ,science and technology enterprise producing high-quality valves. The company first time adopted the Quality Certificate of ISO9001 of UKAS and RAB in May 2000 and in 2003 it smoothly got the Quality Certificate of ISO9001 in 2000 edit. The company took the lead in eliminating the old manually assembling method in the field of the valve trade in China. Due to the origination of the mechanical testing assembly line both of the production. Now the producrion is 300,000 set per year.

The special type coating anticorrosion butterfly valve is the special product of the company,the technical performance of it has reached the international advanced level.In the sample testing of the Quality Certificate of valves,this type of products kept non-leaking record in more than 50,000 times operation under pressure. Therefore,the product was listed as the prominent product of year 2000,the prominent national technology achievement of year 2001 and the item of Torch Plan by Chinese government.

Beijing Dayu Holy valve Co., Ltd has been widely recognized by the clients because of our high quality products and most reachable service networks. Currently our products have been used generally in water supply system, natural gas supply system, heating, oil extracting technique,chemical industry, medical treatment, food production, marine, sewage disposal, iron industy, construction and many other industies. Meanwhile our market coverage is being dynamically expanded to Europe, America and some other countries in Asian-pacific region.

With our strong commitment to the clients and also the community, we will consistently keep Dayu Holy being innovated and fully delicate ourselves to meet clients’ satisfaction always and ever

Address:No.128 Yong Wai Street Chongwen District Beijing   Postal Code:100075
Tel:010-67223388 Fax:86-10-67235888 Web:
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